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Name to Know - Dree Hemingway

nice Loubs, girl!

Before you ask, yep, she's THAT Hemingway.  She's the great-granddaughter of literary genius and mojito enthusiast, ol' Ernie Hemingway.  Despite this enviable pedigree, I've come to like her.  Fashion or film industry nepotism usually leaves me pretty cold (Liv and Gwyneth, I'm looking at you), but Dree is slowing climbing up into Stella McCartney/Eva Amurri territory. 

Eva Amurri with mother, Susan Sarandon
Dree's been doing good, quiet work.  She's still legitimately in her 'field', which as far as I can tell is 'looking pretty'.  She hasn't cut an album, spawned a clothing line, or been sucked into the toilet-bowl vortex of reality TV.  Atta girl.  I'm impressed that's she's not a five-alarm freakshow, considering she attended a grade school in Idaho where her last name was on the building.
I have had a hard time identifying her in pictures, though.  Dree's so generically good-looking she looks like a sketch artist rendering of 'that hot girl from the bar'.  I guess this omni-attractiveness lends her versatility. 

She's a frequent subject of street style blogs, with her moody scarves and mile-long legs: 

Since emerging on the scene in 2009 (she's only 23 now) Dree's been in plenty of print campaigns, most often half-naked and on a bed...

Salvatore Ferragamo's fragrance spread

joyous for YSL

Dree's a belle du jour who's definitely here to stay.  My new favourite?  Check out the awesomely campy House of Holland video campaign, in which Dree makes a candy-colored retro dream seem all too 'now'.

watch the home-shopping spoof here.

Wiki That Girl

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