Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

Hell hath no fury...

Last week someone was selling "an ass that won't quit" on eBay.  Clicking on the item didn't exactly yield one taut booty, just one Egyptian dictator in pre-owned condition.  The joke-listing of Murabak was quickly quashed by the eBay Fun Police, but I think this one's still going and is 100% real:
"My Ex-boyfriend's Closet" is getting rid of all her ex's junk, just in time for Valentines Day.  The seller states her old beau chastised her for dressing provocatively, hence the increasing flesh content of her posts:

$20 with three day to go?!  That's pure profit, people, with the value-added bonus of giving your ex a very public "look at what you're gunna be missing" pose.  I'm sure enterprising girls everywhere are rifling through the remnants of relationships past.  Warning, gals: check the legislation and caselaw in your jurisdiction first.  The abandonment principle means that his bowling shirts, travel mug, and Hootie & The Blowfish CD become your personal property, but not for at least 30 days.  Score!

She sells sex - used Ed Hardy T-shirt, classy!

You know, I could sure use a little extra scratch this month, and I am skilled at cultivating imaginary boyfriends, usually in the service of plus-one occasions and family inquisitions dinners.  Better head down to Value Village to stock up on 'my ex-boyfriend's' clothes.  His favourite colour was blue.

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