Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

Lida Baday

Lida Baday is a Canadian fashion icon, much beloved by your average Holt Renfrew shopper, but a virtual unknown to the Under-30's.  She's been running her own label since 1987, which is about as long as I've been sucking in air and expelling CO2.

Above and below are some looks from recent spring shows.  Very minimal, in a Costa-era Calvin Klein way.  Everything is clean, spare, and monochromatic (which isn't meant to read as "boring", but does to us more experimental youngsters).

I can see why office-appropriate Baday isn't a strong seller to the girls who shell out bigger and bigger bucks the higher the hemline travels.  Cocktail dresses are now like fine dining, in that the more you spend the less you seem to get.  I, too, thought I needed a party dress with a little bit of Zazz! to it: gotta show off those adductor muscles, otherwise what's all that bike riding for, my health?

Then, I found this demure navy number at Value Village (which I say in a Pepe le Pew voice so it sounds like a French Boutique.  Hope you do too.)

The picture doesn't do it justice, although the wrinkles really do look defined.
It's incredible.  I still feel like I stole the darn thing since I got it for $6.99.  Whichever V-squared peon priced it clearly didn't know what it was; the wretched Old Navy apron dresses were running you $7.99. 

The cut is meticulous and the fabric is high quality.  Even the lining is so silky, I just want to rub it on my face.

The construction is 'just so'.  Corsetted bodice/cap sleeve combo is super flattering.

Best part = whoever this Lida Baday woman is, she must be cutting on a dress model that is shaped exactly like me!  It fits so well it's almost creepy.  I am now her biggest fan.  Must.  Buy.  More.  Baday.

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