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  • prospervic
    Apr 25, 02:31 PM
    Great. Since Apple puts that crap hard drive in there, instead of simply using the computer someone has to go through all that trouble to get what they paid for (i7 processor)? Are you for real? That sounds great. I'm sure all those random people who buy from the Apple Store also buy the Apple torx screwdriver kit and get to work when they get home. :rolleyes:

    I recently changed the hard drive in my 2011 MBP. Electronics-size Phillips-head screwdrivers (No. 0 and No. 00) are all that's needed. Anybody who's handy with tools can do the job in about 15 minutes.

    Even though the 7200 rpm HD is not as fast as an SSD, the difference in boot-up, app launch and overall operation speeds are quite noticeable (with no observable change in battery life).

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  • gnasher729
    Mar 29, 12:10 PM
    IDC seems to assume that anyone who would have walked into a store and bought a Nokia smartphone (with Symbian) will now walk into the store and still buy a Nokia smartphone (with WP7 this time).

    "Smartphones" covers a huge range of different phones. iOS and Android cover the higher end, Symbian covered the lower end. In the future, building the hardware for a "smartphone" instead of a dumb phone will become cheaper; as a result, many people not interested in the capabilities of a smartphone at all will buy one by default; that will make the smartphone market grow. That is also what makes Apple's iPhone market share shrink: Apple's sales are growing, the market share among _all_ phones is growing, but because the percentage of smart phones among all phones is growing from say 20% to 90%, the market share among smart phones is going down.

    But why would a former Nokia customer buy WP7? IDC assumes this will happen by default; they bought Nokia before, they bought Nokia again. But Nokia doesn't have the same product anymore. If the customer can't get something similar to what they had before, they are free to look _anywhere_. And WP7 can't beat Android on price (because of the license fees fees Nokia has to pay to Microsoft), and WP7 can't beat iOS on quality. I can't see any former Nokia customer deciding that a Nokia WP7 phone will be the best they can get for their money.

    Seems believable...all those people that bought Nokia phones obviously did not care that Symbian was outdated. Why will they not buy Nokia with a much modern OS under the hood?

    At some point Nokia had the best phones; then they messed it all up. People kept buying Nokia phones in shrinking numbers because they remembered Nokia's good reputation. That reputation is now gone. And there is still a bit of desert ahead of Nokia until they have WP7 phones for sale; that isn't going to help.

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  • CaptainCaveMann
    Sep 1, 11:46 AM
    I think this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt. It seems highly unlikely a 23 inch imac would emerge (or even should emerge). On top of that a bigger imac with Merom? Makes no sense, a bigger imac should have Conroe. ;)

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  • Jimmieboy
    Sep 14, 01:21 AM
    I like the 8801, but I definitely think it's overpriced at $399. You could get a Sidekick 3 prepaid for that price.
    Sure is overpriced! Over in Australia it's around $1200. The one good thing I liked was the diamond coated dsiplay. It was scratch proof. Maybe apple should diamond coat their iphone! :p

    EDIT: Actually I just did a bit of research. I think my claim that they diamond coated their displays is false. No one take my word on it.

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  • balamw
    Aug 24, 09:26 AM
    Creative does not have 100 mil to blow on lawyers. Either way you look at it, apple legal cost would not have approached 100 mil.
    Even though the SCO case is not a patent dispute, it's a good example of how a company with pending legal disputes with potentially big outcomes can always find sources to finance their lawsuits.


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  • eenu
    Oct 12, 01:03 PM
    Sure there is. They released the 4g iPod in Newsweek. Think of the 100's-1000's of people who handled the Newsweeks who weren't covered by an NDA (and that announcement leaked, too, including the cover of the day early; sounds familiar, eh?). Apple did say to expect more announcements in unconventional ways, and less at keynotes.

    it aint gonna happen :D

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  • macmax77
    Aug 29, 12:02 AM
    i don't know, but i am not sure about this Intel thing yet!:mad:

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  • noahtk
    Apr 22, 01:50 PM
    Backlit keyboard is a must... That alone would keep me away from teh MBA

    How about lower the price $400 too.

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  • EagerDragon
    Sep 9, 06:59 PM
    I stopped at the Apple store this morning and tried out the 24 inch iMac and the Mac Pro. These are sweet machines. No did not buy anything.

    The systems both had 1 gig on them and I compared them to a MacBook Pro. One weird thing.... the 24 incher had some stuttering on the iMoviedemo they all had. However the second time I tried it it was smoth as silk. I think it was not cached in memory and since the second time it was it ran smothly. I was also plesantly surpriced that the 24 incher screen was very readable at it highest setting even with my bad eyes. Nice screen realstate and resolution with nice easy to read fonts.

    Im still waiting for Leopard to release these powerful anymals of their chains. By them the systems will be even better, maybe even incluse Santa Rosa.

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  • 2nyRiggz
    Sep 12, 02:13 PM
    So is this ipod still a 5G or 5.1G.....well this ipod is not the big news of the day.


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  • lifeinhd
    Mar 23, 06:59 PM
    Just downloaded both mentioned in the article, thanks for the heads-up MR.

    Typical, guilty until proven innocent, isn't that always the way.

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  • Dagless
    Sep 13, 08:58 PM
    well this is certainly big news!

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  • BC2009
    Mar 30, 11:40 AM
    It goes to show you what our legal system really is like. Kind of goes to show you that much of our legal system is nothing more than expensive babies fighting. Also goes to show you why our government is such a mess because guess what most of our political leaders are........ You guessed it LAWYERS. This is pretty much a world wide thing.

    Yeah -- makes you wonder why the American Revolution ever happened. We replaced somebody who ruled by birthright with somebody who ruled by the merits of being a better lawyer. I guess you can't win. If only all political leaders could have been like George Washington who hated political parties.

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  • ECUpirate44
    Mar 29, 11:25 AM
    Microsoft should work on perfecting windows before starting a mobile OS

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  • Unspeaked
    Sep 19, 02:18 PM
    NI am, however, starting to see why they allowed a sneak preview of iTV. Look how many of us are saying "I can't wait for iTV!" now that we've had some time to experiment with iTunes movie downloads!

    Yes, we're all looking forward to a product to come out in 3 or 4 months that will actually make the product they released last week bearable!


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  • Tears Apart
    Mar 22, 01:57 PM
    Sources or not I think such release is to be expected quite soon. Right now Apple sells laptops as powerful as their desktops!

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  • lilo777
    Apr 19, 04:08 PM
    Yeah cause a contract breach takes just as long to prove a IP suite. They'd get slapped so fast they wont know what hit them, not to mention other companies would see it as samsung being cowboys for mixing their two business up.

    I doubt those contracts last longer than one year and this is how long it will probably take for this lawsuit to get to court hearing. Samsung will be in a great bargaining position then.

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  • Avicdar
    Sep 14, 01:15 AM
    I just do not think Apple is going to introduce a cellular phone. The ideas sound great around here, but I don't see any good busness model for such a device. What is Apple going to make money on selling such a product?

    With all of this noise about 'I wont buy it if it isn't a blackberry killer', etc its no wonder people are having trouble seeing the forest through all the trees.

    Apple = simplicity in form and function.

    The number ONE feature of this device is that it eliminates the need to carry both a phone AND an iPod. Thats it - simple. You have dropped the need to carry around an iPod and a phone without losing either.

    The click wheel is going to make finding people in your list and calling them a breeze.

    My only hope is that they throw away address book and give us something nicer to keep track of our contact lists. I hate address book, it really bites.

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  • maxspivak
    Sep 14, 06:48 PM
    You're on the road shooting, and traveling light. During breaks you upload your CF/SD cards to the new "Aperture.iPod". When you're sitting in a cafe, back at your hotel, or taking a train home you whip out the Aperture.iPod and using the Keywords.plist you uploaded from Aperture before you left you start Stacking, key-wording, and ranking images.

    Next day you head to your studio, upload the new images from the Aperture.iPod to your MP 3Ghz (w/16 GB RAM and 3 TB of HDs!), and the first pass of your sorting is already done!

    Pros would never do this. Their shots are too valuable to load onto a single device. They would always want to back it up to multiple disks, i.e. MBP & FireWire external drive.

    Sep 12, 05:23 PM
    Decent update. Good new features.

    I just wish the upped the 30GB to 40GB and kept the price the same.

    mac jones
    Apr 4, 12:29 PM
    Give the man a free Mac.

    (preferably, one without bullet holes)

    Apr 4, 04:54 PM
    I stand corrected.

    Sep 20, 08:51 AM
    I think the HD DVD is out of control already.
    Interesting that you say that.

    For those of us who have enjoyed videos over the years, we've had the following formats:

    - Beta
    - VHS
    - Super VHS
    - CED
    - LD, and it variants
    - DVD

    and now HD-DVD / Bluray

    Maybe the key for the format change is to line the companies pockets!

    OS X Dude
    May 3, 10:49 AM
    The whole point of Thunderbolt is you can daisy-chain devices (up to 6 I think), so one port goes a long way.

    Besides the three-monitor doohickery on the 27", I struggle to see why 95% of people would need two ports often. But still, nice to have :)

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