Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

Does this pregnancy make me look fat?

This makes me sad...

Selling at Shopbop for ~$30, the Power Mama Maternity Shaper.

While I am a SPANX convert, THIS is where I draw the line.  I thought the silver lining of a 9-month nightmare pregnancy (besides getting a healthy baby outta the deal) is that you can walk around bloated, flatulent, and sporting thick beige underwear pulled up to your armpits without public scorn.  It's like being elderly - what was once an unspeakable corporeal necessity suddenly becomes adorable, endearing, and welcome in public.

Well, no more, ladies.  You're now expected to look svelte and panty-line-free even when up the duff.
Talk about rough.

I call for more hot-mamas-to-be to let it all hang out!  Witness:

Busy Phillips, sporting a teenage scowl in Freaks n Geeks
and (bravely) an 8-month bump in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

M.I.A. might be making a fashion misstep at the Grammys,
but her body confidence more than makes up for it.

I'm sure pregnant gals still want to look their best, be healthy, and dress fashionably (just like the rest of us).  So let's all meet them halfway, and create a world in which pregnant ladies are considered beautiful, tiny tummy rolls and all.

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